Due to the close experiences of relatives with cancer and diabetes, the founding members’ concern for finding effective natural alternatives to combat them arises. This is how studies on leptocarpine are found, and it is proposed to spread, with much responsibility and commitment, the medicinal properties of the Black Stick (palo negro).
In 2011, after a year of research on the breeding process of Leptocarpha rivularis, Sociedad Agrícola y Ganadera Los Esteros Ltda. was created. With its own plantations in La Unión, in the Los Esteros sector, we managed to tame the grass. Their cycles are known, their reaction to the climatic changes and their needs of soil and irrigation.
In 2016 the plantations are expanded and process rooms are opened in Los Lagos, in order to continue producing Palo Negro in its place of origin. The plantations are certified with the SEREMI Regional de los Ríos and SAG Sanitary Resolution is obtained for the nurseries.
In 2017, a strategic alliance with company Immer Grün was carried out, to expand the plantations to Puerto Varas, in order to expand to the international market.
From its beginnings to now, Agrícola Los Esteros strives to cultivate the Palo Negro with techniques, thus offering food security to those who consume the infusion, without pesticides, without chemicals and water from the mountain slope.
The company has developed three product formats with the aim of adapting to the needs of each person. At this moment we have for sale ek doypack in 125gr, the infusion boxes with 20 individual bags. And the nutritional supplement of 90 capsules based on black stick (palo negro) enriched with vitamins C and E, thus giving a different consumption option for those who prefer it.
Currently it is possible to find black stick (palo negro) in health food stores and homeopathic pharmacies throughout the country or buy it in our online store.

“We want to carry out a policy of environmental ethics regardless of the effects it produces, because it is good, right and fair with our environment and customers.”

Agrícola Los Esteros Ltda.